Hi all,

I have just got this bit done and my scanner has malfunctioned so i will send this one  and the RANKING will follow asap tomorrow..... with the grace of God !!

  • POINTS....
  • Because of the large numbers, 56 entries [ Branch Total is 62 ] I have made a REPORT time for the SCOTTISH @ 10.00am,  while the SHANGHAI  is still in progress.
  • The SHANGHAI will be down to the Semi Finals so its an unknown if some players will still be alive & also for a 10.00am report time for the SCOTTISH.
  • I have called for the TOP 16  to report at that time even although there will only be 6 rinks available so we may have a 'trickle down' effect.
  • Again , I will get the RANKING started if possible while the latter rounds of the SCOTTISH are in progress....a similar situation.
  • By doing this it will appease the majority ...but not the  total , membership...Sorry about that !!
  • The draws for SCOTTISH & RANKING  & the field for SHANGHAI will be in the ODT for the Thursday 30/5
  • A copy will be up on display at the Stadium Foyer.


I started off a wee competition for Junior Debs last year which was won by Jeff Cantwell [ he will be serving you at the bar this year so cant play !!] & I am going to do this again this year coz it created a bit of fun &  keen rivalry amongst the group..

I will make up a CHART & record your progress through the season for a PRIZE at Seasons end !!

PARTICULAR EMPHASIS THIS YEAR WILL BE ON ATTIRE...... You wouldnt get away with offending in England, Ill tell you. If its cold put a Bowls Jacket on. This year we intend having LIVE STREAMING again , so its important to be properly attired !!  CLUB COLOURS or HIGHER...or an acceptable polo...use your nous !!

IF you dont conform you may be asked to take the offending garment off or default the game  !!

As mentioned earlier I am introducing a CARD SYSTEM... " YELLOW  is a CAUTION...RED is in the SIN BIN "... but lets not have a " Blood Bin" eh.


Good luck everyone....some exciting clashes as always, & The Ranking will be  with you soon.



pssss....Trainspotting......Paul Everett was drawn out in exactly the same position in both the SCOTTSH & RANKING.....last one out, #56 &  so gets 2  x byes to boot ....dont know what those odds would be.

Ken Walker,

68 Perth St,


Ph [03] 4896256