The 2019 season of the New Zealand Professional Bowls Association gets underway this weekend at five of the seven venues. The Auckland venue at New Lynn and the Wellington branch chose to delay their first events so as not to clash with the Australian Open on the Gold Coast and other events with a number of their members unavailable. Both of those venues play at the end of June.

Chris Lourie has taken the reigns as the PBA coordinator at the Frankton Railway Bowling Club in Hamilton in what will be a busy season with the hosting of the NZ PBA Finals Weekend in September for the first time since 2011. The feature match in Monday’s Scottish Singles qualifier looks to be between Alan Bowler and Gary Cotter with Cotter having a 2-1 advantage in their head-to-head record. This weekend will see the PBA debuts of two stars from this year’s outdoor National Championships in Debbie White and Tony Fabling.

The competition at the Paritutu Bowling Club in New Plymouth features a new looking name but a familiar face in Craig de Faria (previously Johns). De Faria faces a tough opening match in the Scottish Singles qualifier against Cathy Andrews with de Faria taking a 2-1 advantage in their career head-to-head record. Four new members to the branch have been sponsored by Te Maunga Maori Bowls recognising the value PBA membership brings to improving player skills.

The Scottish Singles qualifier will be played on Sunday at the Hastings Club with the two World Bowls Tour stars Murray Glassey and Dean Drummond in opposite halves. A good first round tussle could be between coordinator Dave Porteous and Tilly Carlson with Porteous holding a 2-1 career head-to-head advantage.

Dunedin has a record 62 members in their branch this year and will repeat last year’s successful experiment of holding a local finals day for all qualifying events in August. The full-on weekend starts on Friday night with the fun 3-players-to-a-match Shanghai Singles and will continue right through the weekend. Feature matches in the Scottish Singles qualifier include Andrew Kelly against coordinator Ken Walker at noon on Saturday. Walker holds a surprising 3-1 career head-to-head record though the last of his wins against Kelly was in 2015. Internationals Helen Carman and Duane White will do battle on Saturday evening.

The Scottish Singles qualifier at the Waverley Bowling Club in Invercargill on Monday sees a particular hard second quarter of the draw with Brent Thomson playing Central Otago’s Richie Muir, and Bruce Ross against Shane Elliott in adjacent matches.

Draws for this weekend’s New Zealand Professional Bowls Association events(2018 NZ PBA Rank) Player v Player [Career NZ PBA Singles head-to-head record]AUCKLAND – New Lynn

Shanghai Singles Qualifier is on Sun 23rd June. Ranking Singles is on Sat 29th June. Scottish Singles Qualifier is on Sun 30th June.

HAMILTON – Frankton Railway

Shanghai Singles Qualifier on Sat 1st June 9am – draw done on the morning.

Ranking SinglesSun 2nd June 1st round 9am: (164=)Cliff Webber v (debut)Debbie White2nd round 9am: (227=)Graeme Goss v winner Webber/White; (189=)Angela Stephen v (148=)Mark Pene; (22)Gary Cotter v (debut)Tony Fabling; (143=)Peter McGirr v (164=)Wayne Pakinga [1-0 McGirr]; (211=)Richard Watt v (debut)Clayton Hockley; (179=)Lisa Mundell v (debut)Jason Dickinson; (73=)Alan Bowler v (156=)Steve Liddington [1-0 Bowler]; (38)Chris Lourie v (67)Jesse Russell.Scottish Singles QualifierMon 3rd June 1st round 9am: (164=)Cliff Webber v (227=)Graeme Goss.2nd round 9am: (148=)Mark Pene v winner Webber/Goss; (189=)Angela Stephen v (38)Chris Lourie [1-0 Lourie]; (73=)Alan Bowler v (22)Gary Cotter [2-1 Cotter]; (143=)Peter McGirr v (debut)Tony Fabling; (179=)Lisa Mundell v (debut)Clayton Hockley; (debut)Jason Dickinson v (211=)Richard Watt; (debut)Debbie White v (156=)Steve Liddington; (67)Jesse Russell v (164=)Wayne Pakinga [1-0 Russell].NEW PLYMOUTH - Paritutu

Shanghai Singles Qualifier on Sat 1st June 8.30am – draw done on the morning.

Ranking SinglesSun 2nd June 8.30am 1st round: (debut)Levi Davis v (59=)Bruce Hall.8.30am 2nd round: (15)Craig de Faria v winner Davis/Hall; (107)Mike Hori v (debut)Chris Commane; (debut)Marlene Malcolm v (65)Gavin Scrivener; (52)Allan Batley v (debut)Cliff Rona; (92=)Ian Andrews v (34=)Cathy Andrews [3-2 C.Andrews]; (debut)Brendon Walton v (126=)Phil Corney; (28=)Steve Muller v (116=)Bruce Mummery [1-0 Muller]; (92=)Kevan Sellers v (19)Rhonda Adams.Scottish Singles QualifierMon 3rd June 8.30am 1st round: (92=)Kevan Sellers v (debut)Levi Davis.8.30am 2nd round: (debut)Chris Commane v winner Sellers/Davis; (107)Mike Hori v (28=)Steve Muller; (debut)Cliff Rona v (59=)Bruce Hall; (debut)Brendon Walton v (65)Gavin Scrivener; (19)Rhonda Adams v (debut)Marlene Malcolm; (15)Craig de Faria v (34=)Cathy Andrews [2-1 de Faria]; (52)Allan Batley v (126=)Phil Corney; (116=)Bruce Mummery v (92=)Ian Andrews.HASTINGS – Club Hastings

Shanghai Singles Qualifier on Sat 1st June 8.30am – draw done on the morning.

Scottish Singles QualifierSun 3rd June 8.30am 1st round: (189=)Merv Brown v (227=)Mike Amy [1-0 Brown]; (189=)Dave Porteous v (114=)Tilly Carlson [2-1 Porteous]; (61)Grant Sargison v (126=)Peter Jones; (121=)Richard Kupa v (2)Murray Glassey; (164=)Scotty McGavin v (24)Daryll Johnson; (106)Lisa Carlson v (267=)Natarsha Grimshaw; (4)Dean Drummond v (debut)Rochelle Brown.8.30am 2nd round: (189=)Wayne Stewart v winner Drummond/Brown; (77=)Tony Terry v (86=)Steve Love [1-0 Terry]; (114=)Paul Sorensen v (109=)Aaron Bryant; (251=)Tasha Haronga v (90)Mike Isaacson; (164=)Charles Haronga v (121=)Bunny Kupa.

Ranking SinglesMon 2nd June 8.30am 1st round: (114=)Paul Sorensen v (24)Daryll Johnson [1-0 Sorensen]; (debut)Rochelle Brown v (61)Grant Sargison; (164=)Charles Haronga v (227=)Mike Amy; (267=)Natarsha Grimshaw v (106)Lisa Carlson; (90)Mike Isaacson v (2)Murray Glassey [5-0 Glassey]; (189=)Merv Brown v (114=)Tilly Carlson.8.30am 2nd round: (4)Dean Drummond v (189=)Dave Porteous; (189=)Wayne Stewart v (126=)Peter Jones; (251=)Tasha Haronga v (121=)Bunny Kupa; (121=)Richard Kupa v (77=)Tony Terry; (109=)Aaron Bryant v (164=)Scotty McGavinWELLINGTON – Naenae

Shanghai Singles Qualifier is on Sat 22nd June. Ranking Singles is on Sat 29th June. Scottish Singles Qualifier is on Sun 30th June.

DUNEDIN – Community Bowls Stadium

Shanghai Singles Qualifier on Fri 31st May 6pm – draw done on the evening.

Scottish Singles QualifierSat 1st June 1st round 10am: (debut)Hilda Bennett v (41)Karl Mason; (227=)Rik Moss v (82)Doug Thomas; (98)Murray Wilson v (267=)Brian Harvey; (239=)Tania Woodham v (-)Beth Brown; (31)Andy McLean v (147)Peter Bell [2-0 McLean]; (36)Ross Stevens v (100=)Darron Wolland; (-)Blair Barringer v (86=)Paul Everett; (16)Marty Kreft v (76)Lou Robinson [2-0 Kreft].1st round 12noon: (108)Craig Wyber v (66)Jonty Horwell [1-0 Wyber]; (debut)Dave Robinson v (debut)Arty Butler; (3)Andrew Kelly v (18)Ken Walker [3-1 Walker]; (28=)Brent McEwan v (debut)Mike Holley.1st round 2pm: (-)Joko Susilo v (158)John Moana; (239=)Mike Cranstoun v (251=)Grant Simpson; (53=)Bill Hinton v (53=)Travis Cook [1-0 Cook]; (debut)Reuben Silva v (42)Mario Sopp.1st round 4pm: (6)Elliot Mason v (112=)Sue Smeaton; (70)Andrew McCallum v (134)Tom Taiaroa; (227=)Doug Coombes v (126=)Wally Shaw [1-0 Shaw]; (-)Dale Bourke v (97)Lance Ibbotson.1st round 6pm: (100=)Geoff Wilson v (-)Graeme Hislop [1-0 Wilson]; (debut)Norm Bennetts v (debut)Bruce McDowell; (175=)Louise Natta v (84=)Leo Brett [1-0 Brett]; (133)Kevin Powell v (276=)Dave Charlton; (-)Tony Nicol v (71=)Sandy McNoe.2nd round 8pm: (17)Oliver Mason v winner Nicol/McNoe; (71=)Keri Rupene v (43=)Dave Natta; (debut)Mitch Cook v (148=)Phil Austin; (45=)Helen Carman v (13=)Duane White.House of Travel Ranking SinglesSun 2nd June 1st round 2pm: (97)Lance Ibbotson v (239=)Tania Woodham; (13=)Duane White v (53=)Bill Hinton [2-1 Hinton]; (debut)Norm Bennetts v (debut)Hilda Bennett; (276=)Dave Charlton v (100=)Geoff Wilson; (43=)Dave Natta v (36)Ross Stevens; (70)Andrew McCallum v (71=)Sandy McNoe; (-)Blair Barringer v (126=)Wally Shaw; (-)Tony Nicol v (133)Kevin Powell.1st round 4pm: (debut)Bruce McDowell v (175=)Louise Natta; (-)Joko Susilo v (debut)Mike Holley; (158)John Moana v (66)Jonty Horwell; (42)Mario Sopp v (84=)Leo Brett.1st round 6pm: (112=)Sue Smeaton v (239=)Mike Cranstoun [1-0 Cranstoun]; (debut)Arty Butler v (debut)Dave Robinson; (31)Andy McLean v (3)Andrew Kelly [5-1 Kelly]; (148=)Phil Austin v (17)Oliver Mason [1-0 Austin].1st round 8pm: (251=)Grant Simpson v (-)Dale Bourke; (147)Peter Bell v (71=)Keri Rupene; (-)Graeme Hislop v (134)Tom Taiaroa; (76)Lou Robinson v (debut)Mitch Cook; (86=)Paul Everett v (98)Murray Wilson.Mon 3rd June 1st round 8.30am: (100=)Darron Wolland v (-)Beth Brown; (41)Karl Mason v (108)Craig Wyber; (28=)Brent McEwan v (53=)Travis Cook; (227=)Doug Coombes v (6)Elliot Mason.2nd round 8.30am: (18)Ken Walker v winner Everett/Wilson; (82)Doug Thomas v (267=)Brian Harvey; (16)Marty Kreft v (45=)Helen Carman; (debut)Reuben Silva v (227=)Rik Moss.


Shanghai Singles Qualifier on Sat 1st June 8.30am – draw done on the morning.

Ranking SinglesSun 2nd June 8.30am 1st round: (148=)Fraser Purdue v (59=)Matt Tautari [1-0 Purdue]; (20)Shane Elliott v (debut)Mike Thomson; (39)Aaron Tribe v (debut)Sue Dillon; (13=)Richie Muir v (116=)Alan Todd; (251=)Mau Toomata v (50=)Lyall Spencer; (debut)Carmel Stewart v (202=)Pauline Foster; (5)Craig Tinker v (debut)Debbie Jackson; (58)Kerry Heffer v (80=)Ken McConnell; (123)Thomas Eruera v (50=)Kerry Williams [1-0 Williams]; (86=)Wendy Sutherland v (79)Russell Cooke.8.30am 2nd round: (30)Bruce Ross v (12)Brent Thomson [1-0 Ross]; (1)Craig Merrilees v (debut)Kelvin Jackson; (debut)Jo Toogood v (debut)Paul McEntyre.

Scottish Singles QualifierMon 3rd June 8.30am 1st round: (251=)Mau Toomata v (116=)Alan Todd; (1)Craig Merrilees v (267=)Russell Foster; (148=)Fraser Purdue v (debut)Jo Toogood; (58)Kerry Heffer v (5)Craig Tinker [1-0 Tinker]; (12)Brent Thomson v (13=)Richie Muir; (30)Bruce Ross v (20)Shane Elliott [1-1]; (50=)Kerry Williams v (135=)Todd Swain; (59=)Matt Tautari v (50=)Lyall Spencer; (79)Russell Cooke v (debut)Mike Thomson; (debut)Paul McEntyre v (debut)Debbie Jackson; (80=)Ken McConnell v (debut)Carmel Stewart; (debut)Sue Dillon v (202=)Pauline Foster.8.30am 2nd round: (86=)Wendy Sutherland v (39)Aaron Tribe; (123)Thomas Eruera v (debut)Kelvin Jackson.

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